Feb 11th 2017 – Digital media concert: UNCOMPRESSED未压缩_Vol.5|SUBHAZE:ARTIFACTS

Facebook Event

Checking the new music and digital art scene in NYC, leaded by the Brazilian composer Ricardo Romaneiro. Possibilities of composition, video and sound installation. Shapes, forms, colours, sounds, new instruments, technical devices, audience, spaces, places, live interaction of musicians, etc were subject to this research.

SUBHAZE : ARTIFACTS explores jagged syncopated rhythms & sonic artifacts of time-stretched harmonies where musicians are scattered in the installation and given instructions (data) to create improvisations based of the multi-channel electronic soundscape accompanied by an immersive 3D projection mapped environment with visuals performed live. Featuring Vasko Dukovski (bass clarinet), Justin Abrams (cello), Fallen Atom (guitar/keyboard), Manami Mizumoto (violin) and Jakub Ciupisnki (theremin). With audio spatialization by Leo Leite

Prelude to the program is MYTH of AN ATOM : New York based duo, visuals designer Christian Hannon and musician producer Fallen Atom. Eclectically fusing elements of hip hop, R&B, future bass, with fluid sound reactive imagery. This performance explores the nature of light, sound, and the cinematic experience.

Post live performances audience members are invited to lay or sit within the installation and experience SUBHAZE : ARTIFACTS as an audio-visual meditation.







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