2018 Projects


Dear students, time to prepare our projects for 2018!

This year, we are looking for some opportunities for meeting, recording and performing!



So many good shows and inspiration around, let’s share them together! I’ll be sharing our schedule with you during our classes and hope you can join with family!

It’s also a great opportunity to connect students of different subjects for group projects – a pianist to play for a singer, a producer that needs some keyboards and voice, and so on.

And if you want to host a musical afternoon, let me know and let’s plan it!



This year we are planning a performance in New York in November and another one in Rio de Janeiro in December. These performances will be an opportunity for all the students, from all the countries, to get together and perform.

We will also release our 2018 Album in NYC!

If you can’t be in the city we will perform, we have same great virtual ideas for you to make part. Coming soon!

Some previous good moments we had:




We will produce a collective album in 2018! Launching in December, the idea is to have…

one song per month by each student!

Recording sessions will be pat of your class, with your own equipment (no extra costs), and we will make a collection of different artists and songs from the world. Originals and covers.

What about one original song?

I’ll take care of the curation and final arts. Remember we will need a beautiful picture of you!

If you want to make your own album also, let’s talk about it.

Other great possibility also is to collaborate between us. We have producers looking for singers, singers looking pianists, that are also looking for producers. Let’s connect you all!

I’ll share soon the tracks we already have.



As always, for being part of this community and for your dedication to music!

Invite your friends and know more about my program on this page:


See you next class!