Exhibition in Colombia

International Culture Fair in Colombia exhibits work by Brazilian artist

Medellin is today considered the capital of innovation and culture in Latin America. There happens this week the 13th Festival of Books and Culture, an event that moves every year more than 50,000 people from all over to world for nine days. Brazil will be highlighted at the Fair with the presence of the artistic installation “Transeuntis Mundi” by the Brazilian artist Cândida Borges and the Colombian Gabriel Mario Velez.

The work includes virtual reality, projections, concert and sound installation about the millenary movement of migrations and diasporas and human and cultural diversity. Four countries are represented in the work, one of them being Brazil. The visitor experiences points of some cities, and in Brazil the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói are represented. “They are the localities most appreciated by Colombian visitors,” said Cândida.

Candida is an interdisciplinary musician and artist and is currently pursuing a PhD in Arts at Plymouth University in England. This work is part of his portfolio of doctoral compositions, whose theme is contemporary and immersive compositions. Candida has a long career in classical and electronic music, with several works released by American labels. Based in New York, Candida has worked for film and installation works, representing Brazil in important conferences and festivals around the world.

Note: Sound of the world 

Brazilian musician living in New York, Candida Borges, has been making the world, as people say. In addition to having works released by the American label and producing for the cinema, she is doing her PhD in Arts at the prestigious British University Plymouth and has her work “Transeuntes Medelín” on display this week in Colombia and England. The sound installation of virtual reality has received rave reviews and has been selected for major conferences, such as DRHA in London, held this week. The work is on display until Sunday at the 13th Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin, Colombia.

Note: Brazil is theme at culture fair in Colombia 

Brazil is represented at Colombia’s main international cultural fair. The artist Candida Borges, a Brazilian musician from Rio de Janeiro/Bahia pursuing a PhD in Arts in England, had his work “Transeuntis Mundi ” selected to display this week at the 13th Fiesta del Libro y la Culture in Medellin, Colombia. Latin America’s Innovation capital welcomes the artist, who presents an artistic and sound installation featuring virtual reality works over four countries and 7 cities around the world. One of them is Brazil. The work has been so successful in academia and art that this week is on simultaneous exhibition in London and Medellin.  


Transeuntis Mundi – Art installation that combines virtual reality, projections, performance, concert and sound installation. About the human cultural heritage, formed from the historical migrations and diasporas of humanity. Details and photos: https://transeuntismundi.com/2019/09/10/feriadellibro/ and http://www.transeuntismundi.com/agenda     





13th Book of Libro and Culture in Medellin, Colobia. From 6 to 15 of September. – https://fiestadellibroylacultura.com 

DRHA 2019 – 8-10 September, London – http://www.2019.drha.uk/drha2019-programme/