Concert in Colombia

Dear composer,

we are delighted to invite you to make part of the final concert of the instalation “Transeuntis Mundi”. It will happen  on Sept 15th in Medelin, at a major conference there – the Fiesta del Livro y la cultura. Our request is for you to respond to the idea of transnationalism and transculturalism, including in your work some element of the recordings at Your composition will be representing your country.

You can keep your own aesthetic, blend with something you already have or create from scratch. We will have a system with 4 channels there. Unfortunately no musician to perform, either funds. Length of 2-8 min. We have projectors in case you want to work with images too.

As we cannot rely in the internet there, we are asking composers to send 1-4 stems for us to play there. We’ll inform you of the time of the concert and hopefully we will be able to stream online. 

Thanks for taking part on this event. I’m here to help if you need anything.

All the best,

Cândida and TM team

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