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Professor  Cândida L. Borges is an inspiring world class musician, classically trained and rooted in Brazilian culture. Her artistic work mixes folkloric music, bossa nova, pop, latin and african music, jazz, and all styles of world music.  After 15 years teaching in a University in Brazil and in the United States, now she created a program in which she offers her experience as a music educator for all ages music students and from all over the world. Master in Piano Performance, Bachelor also in singing, composition, studies in music production and electronic music, sound therapy, special needs and coaching, Professor Borges is a true educator and artist, specialised in Music Pedagogy.

To be effective, warm and simple. No school, no intermediary. Her program consists  of private and group classes, live online and in New York City, for all ages, starting at 1. Not by video, it’s a true instructor to help you build repertoire, good technique, and a great support to your studies.

SINGING                           PIANO                       MUSIC FUNDAMENTS                COMPOSITION



Her methodology consists of modern approach to music education and music therapy,  that connects creativity, repertoire, technology and skill development. Choose your subject: piano, keyboard, jazz voice and singing, music theory, ear training, harmony, songwriting.

Check the syllabus of each course here: Syllabus

Also, engage in a warm community that shares music, shows, meetings and encouragement!


You choose to learn in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Practice music and a new language at the same time.


Huge possibilities, many styles. Expertise on classical, Brazilian and Latin jazz, pop. Do what you like!


Ms. Borges combines her formal academic studies in University as an artist and educator with studies and certifications in Dalcroze, Linklater, improvisation, circle singing, music production, technology and specially her experience in studios and playing with musicians all over America. Special call to “O Passo” – a Brazilian methodology on rhythm  and pitch, connecting body and voice to learn music, performance and reading. Fantastic!


You can connect by Skype or you can also choose to use FaceTime or Google Hangout. There are easy instructions that you receive to make sure you are all set to start. You have the chance to record your class and you will receive a link with all the material we use in class. In tour or local, classes must go on!


If you are in New York Area, come for class in one of the studios. We are at midtown west, in great locations and professional studios.


Prices starts at $30 for 30 minutes online lessons. You can choose between 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes lessons. Special prices for family members and for combo choices of more than 1 subject – you can combine piano and singing, or singing and songwriting for example.


Payments are made by Paypal, straight to your credit or bank card, in packages of 4, 6 or 8 lessons. You can also hire her by Takelessons website.


You will start making part of our special projects, that include shows, concerts, events, CDs, month challenges, gifts, and other surprises. Touring different cities, you will make part of a community that gets together to watch shows, to perform and to travel – our performances happen in different cities, including New York and Rio de Janeiro! If you are looking to explore the world, might be a good opportunity!

Check our 2019  Projects HERE!




In partnership with the school 343 Labs in Soho, New York, my students have 15% discount in all their courses, and also special rates for recording and producing their albums. This is a great opportunity to practice and enlarge your learnings! Check specially my Songwriting and Music Theory course HERE.



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