Online classes for kids

Do online lessons work for kids? Yes! There are a good resource of methodologies we can use to keep kids focused and motivated working from home.

Can they have class independently? Yes, if they know how to deal with their devices. Maybe in the beginning is good to have the parents around to help set things.

Dear parents, let’s review specific topics to enjoy our online classes with your family. First please make sure you already reviewed the set up and positioning topics HERE.


Understanding that most parents are busy and want kids to enjoy classes independently, let me help you with some tips:

  • Please let a computer on a table or stand (beside the piano if there is any) running the software we agreed to use. I will call in the momento of our class. They can wear headphones to be more focused and I can record all classes if you want (on Skype or Zoom). It is important that this device is on a support or a table. I recommend some later on this page.
  • Please let a second device – like an Ipad or a phone, that the kid can follow my instructions to open an app or load a youtube video.
  • Please make sure both devices can receive messages from me, as I may share materials during class. Text messages or email, and please let me know which one to connect with.
  • Please make sure we have all material before we start. Sheet music, printed lyrics, devices charged or charging.

NEW: I just created some virtual studio account, in which students have a full membership connected to mine, without having to pay anything extra. This applies to Piano Maestro, for example. Also, I will be sending surprise tasks for them on Piano Maestro and PA Coach.


For piano lessons:

For Singing Lessons:


Please let me know if you have any doubt or comment. I will be happy to support you.

All the best,