CB is a pianist, singer, composer, songwriter, professor from Brazil. Also a multi-media artist and performer, she holds two artistic personalities, looking for fusion. One classically trained, Master in Piano, Researcher and Professor; the other one, learned from a very artistic family and community, where singing, playing, writing, performing was part of daily life and sacrality. CB is an artist creating and composing life primarily, looking for new organic human expressions mainly through music, image in video and photography, gestures and movement, communication and social interaction, storytelling and fantasying. Immigration, diaspora, ethnicities, african and indigenous mythology, nature, religions, rituals - search - are her subjects of interest. To give voice to tradition towards the future, to be organic and high tech, to experiment and discover methods to connect music, image, gesture - the space in between arts and time.

Short Version:

Cândida Borges is a contemporary musician and interdisciplinary artist – pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, performer, educator and writer from Brazil. An Afro-European descendent, she has inherited musical traditions from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro through her strong family and artistic influences, that she claims in her artistic work. Nowadays she is a PhD Candidate in Arts for Plymouth University (UK, 2018). As an educator, Cândida has been an Associate Professor of Music for the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) since 2009, and an invited Professor for international institutes, workshops, festivals and universities. She holds Bachelors degree (2000) and Masters degree (2005) in Piano Performance from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and Specialization in Electronic Music Production by SAE Institute NYC. Classically trained, she has also been making music for films, ballet, theater, collaborations with DJs and producers worldwide, and especially for her own career as a singer songwriter. NYC based for a multicultural environment exploration in her PhD project, she has been exploring in arts the subjects of immigration, borders and new techonology art.

Full Version:

Cândida Borges is a contemporary musician and multi disciplinary artist, composer, performer, educator, writer from Brazil. Afro-European descending, she inherits the musical traditions from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro through her strong family influences. Bachelor (2000) and Master (2005) in Piano Performance by Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ), her career also explores her abilities as a singer and songwriter.

As an educator, Cândida is an Associate Professor of Music for the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) since 2009, and a guest Professor for international universities, institutes, workshops, festivals and universities. Classical background, she has been making music for films, ballet, theater, collaborations with DJ and producers, and specially her authorial career. Cândida worked with great musicians in Brazil, in chamber music and popular Brazilian Music. In 2011, she recorded the EP Cândida, produced by the Grammy awarded Alê Siqueira, starting her path as a songwriter. With this original work, she won many radio competitions, a videoclip sponsorship (2011) by the Culture Department from the State to Rio de Janeiro, she was also awarded “Artist of the week” (2013) by TuneCore (NY) and figured in the Top 10 Charts of World Music in NYC by ReverbNation Website. This has become her main artistic activity since then, feeding a great fan community with pictures, videos, shows and new tracks.

In 2013, she started an artistic residency in New York City, as a Prize from the Brazilian Government (FUNARTE/ 2013) to study at SAE Institute and Dubspot. Then, Cândida jumped into electronic, jazz and world music, working with amazing producers and musicians around the world. Still in 2013, she collaborated as a singer in the album “Sweet Romance” for the Duo Pattern Drama/ Touch of Class Label (NY), with who she also collaborated in further works as “Indian Summer Collection” Vol. 2 and 3, and Buddha Bar Collection vol. XVII, receiving great critics.

Candida has also been a  coordinator for Casa de Arte e Cultura since 2000 – a Non-Profit Organization based in Rio de Janeiro and an enterpreneur of socio-cultural projects. She curates events and programs to promote and exchange Art, Education and Culture through Brazil and the world.  She writes articles for blogs and magazines about international art, as well as starring shoots and urban performances.

Cândida was selected in 2014 for the New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist Program (NYFA) and in the same year invested in expertise at the Linklater Center and Meredith Monk Ensemble’s Workshop. Since then, she has been an active artist in the NYC scene, presenting concerts and works on music, performance and video installation, such as “Memória e Fado” video/music work at Lorimoto Gallery (2015, Bkln) in a collective Exhibition for NYFA, and “Reza pro Mar” a video/music/performance for the exhibition “Borderless: In perspective” in Berlin, Amsterdam and New York. Cândida was also an invited participating artist at the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium residency, at Earthdance (IIAC, Massachussets) in 2016, 2017, 2018 and honorably selected to be a Mentor for New York Foundation for the Arts in 2017 and 2018. Now she heads to the release of her new original album and two books about the worldwide known composer Egberto Gismonti.

2019 – as an interdisciplinary artist:

Cândida Borges is currently conducting PhD research into human transhumance in contemporary music and sound art, based at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at the Plymouth University. The project “Integrating a new diaspora into composition” is motivated by the researcher’s own experience as a Brazilian born artist traveling the world to recognize her identity and ancestor’s legacy.

In 2018, her video-music work Palm Hand, the first creation of her doctorate, was exhibited at the SAR Conference (Plymouth, UK), in the Moving Arts Lab residency (Earth Dance, Massachussets, US) and in an exhibition for the Antioquia University (Medellin, Colombia).

Cândida is also a Fellow Researcher for the Antioquia University (Colômbia) and for the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), where she also has been teaching since 2009. She works as an invited Professor for international institutes, festivals and universities.

Cândida was awarded a prize from the National Foundation of Arts in Brasil and since then has been based in New York developing this research about multiculturalism into electronic music composition and methodologies of music education. Cândida’s last music works has been highly billed in the international electronic scene in the US, as well as the sound tracks, workshops, conferences and installations she has been presenting around the world.