Video/ music/ performance

REZA PRO MAR – site oficial – Rio de Janeiro/ 2016.

Selected to be part of 1) Exhibition “Boarderless: in perspective” by New York Foundation for the Arts”, curated by David Terry, Director and Curator, Awards & Grants. Berlin, Amsterdan, New York. 2016. 2) MONA Biennial e MONA Brazil, Exhibition online.

‘Borderless’ was a three-venue event series that took place in three cities in three different countries simultaneously: New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. The exhibition series focuses on the theme of living without borders or the challenges faced by borders presently and in the past along with what defines these borders, and how are they set will all be questions posed. For the exhibit, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) invited 12 visionary artists working in the digital, electronic and film/media disciplines to respond to these question on borders throughout time via time-based work. With the historic Museum Van Loon as a back drop, it took a transhistorical look and comparison of borders and how they affect our futures. Sharing Perspectives is an international collaboration between Flux Factory, New York Foundation for the Arts and Node Center for Curatorial Studies.



MEMÓRIA E FADO – Rio de Janeiro, 2013.

Selected to be part of Exhibition “Archimed’s Bathtub” by New York Foundation for the Arts”. Brooklyn, NY, US. 2014




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