Few instructions for your online lesson with Cândida

Welcome to the world of learning and practicing music online! I have developed this program since 2014, teaching for many schools and programs, from kids to profesionals worldwide.

To start, take a look of our annual program of projects and activities, as well as pictures of previous student’s concerts!

CÂNDIDA / Candid

To connect with me, you can write me at candidaborges.education@gmail.com. My facebook is http://www.facebook.com/candidaborges. My cellphone numbers are 718 200 1926  and 347 408 1220 (landline – no text messages). For sure, my email, facebook messenger and my whatsapp (718 200 1926) always work!



Online lessons are a very practical way to save time going to the studio and very convenient. It allows to record and review many times the class, also to have me review your instrument or home studio. It’s also a more economic fee.

Let’s arrange some things to make sure we will enjoy best our online lessons:



I recommend you to use 2 different devices in the class, but just 1 works fine also. A laptop and an Ipad*, or a smartphone. No extra camera or microphone is needed!

One device will run your camera – that would be your laptop. Even a very old model of computer can run a camera easily! You can use Skype, Takelessons classroom, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts – any software more convenient to you. Just make sure you log in before the class, and I will call you when it is our time. Skype and Zoom are my favorite software for sound/video.

PS: Would be great if you can have a holder for your device like this (photos with link to buy)

Piano adult lessons: We also need to access the google drive link that you will receive in your first class. There I will write our class plan, homeworks and links for materials and references. So, if we can use your computer and and ipad/smartphone at the same time, would be awesome!  If not, just your computer is totally fine for the class!


Skype and Zoom are the software that  work best for classes! Please install it in your device and create your account (if you still don’t have it). Remembering: it’s free! Also remember to check for updates in your Skype and make a test to see if your camera and microphone is working good. You can call “Skype test call” in your list of contacts to check everything is good and in good level! We can also get it together.

Second step, add me as your contact. Search for “candidaborges” and you will find me easily! If you can’t find me, just send me by email your skype name and I’ll find you.

You can also use Takelessons classroom, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts – or any software more convenient to you. Just make sure you log in before the class, and I will call you when it is our time. 

Another good software to install is the youtube. We will use some videos!

If you plan to use Zoom, please call me or add me at https://plymouth.zoom.us/j/92900924187  


Please obser the Zoom settings, that I can also walk you through in our session:

-for ipads/tablets:

  • for computers:


The device where the camera is running needs to be positioned in a way that I can see you well. If it’s a piano lesson, on the side of the piano is perfect for me to see your position and hands (I recommend using a music stand as a table, or a real table on the side). If it’s a singing lesson, I prefer to see your upper body from the front.


Please remember to share with me the scores/ sheet music you are using! If it’s printed, please take a picture and send it to my email candidaborges.education@gmail.com. If it’s in pdf, just forward it to me! This way we can read the same material together!


It’s ideal to be in a quiet and illuminated place for your lessons.  If you are in your living room and you have kids or pets, maybe you want to use a headphone to hear me well. Also, a VERY IMPORTANT thing is that you need a good Internet signal. Check if it’s the best place in your house for your wifi signal (or if you can connect an Ethernet cable to your computer from your router).


So, make sure you have your camera ready to go, Ipad or phone charged, printed sheet music, everything you want to work in class!


  • Record it! If you want to record the classes, feel free to use your cellphone to record it in audio or video, as you prefer! Skype and Zoom also have this feature, and you can download a video after the class.
  • Receive assignments from me. Kids love this feature, that works like a surprise for them.
  • More diversity of methodologies – a lot of resources in digital form, that we can reach without having to buy different books.
  • Also, no commute time and less expensive fee.


Students have access to my library of books, methods, recordings on the link I will share with you. You will be able to watch most of the materials available in the market, as they are part of my researches on methodology that I do to plan classes. 

Students also can have an account at Piano Maestro app connected to mine, that saves you in this subscription. As part of my studio account, studios have a membership included for in home practices, receive homeworks and challenges.

APPS TO INSTALL IN YOUR PHONE/IPAD/ TABLET: (they will be suggested little by little to you)



Special instructions for the little ones HERE


Instructions to set up: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmic/ 


We can rearrange lessons for free when it is in advance of 24h or more, and it will happen in the current week or the upcoming one, according to availabilities. To cancel ongoing lessons, please inform minimum 2 weeks in advance. Within 24h, the class will be charged to your account.

If you have any question, just let me know and we will set everything easily for you.

Let’s start!!!