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May – Artistic Residency and PhD Seminar at Plymouth University (UK).

Feb 11 to 20 – Coordination of an Artistic Residency on Composition with the group MUSUX at EAFIT University – Medellín, Colombia.

Jan/Abr – Teaching the Music Theory and Songwriting course for the school of Electronic Music “343Labs” in New York

26/01 – Masterclass on Vocal Production Techniques in New York – at the School 343Labs




5-28 – Artistic Residency in Mexico City.

5-11 – Transart Winter Residency – Student – Presenter.  Mexico City, Mexico.



12-14 – SYMPOSIUM: On limits, borders, edges and boundaries – Mexico City, Mexico.

Plymouth University – Beginning of the PhD Course at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, supervised by Dr. John Matthias, Dr. Andrew Prior and Dr. Anya Lewin. Plymouth, UK.



ARWEI Conference, Workshop and Exhibition – participant – Plymouth, UK. Created and Presented the video/sound installation “Palm Hand – DNArchive – Part 1″ at Karst Gallery.

KARST Gallery – The stomach of the research – video/sound installation DNArchive Part 1 in exhibition. Plymouth, UK





May- September –

New York Foundation For the Arts – Immigrant artists mentoring program. Participating as a selected Mentor.


nyfa 2018


Filmtrack “As mil mulheres” – commissioned  composition.

Aug 19-26 – Artistic Residency in Performance – Massachussets/USA – International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium and Moving Arts Labhttps://www.earthdance.net/calendar/2018/08/moving-arts-lab-2018-festival-meeting-ground-interdisciplinary-exploration – Facilitated the workshop “DNArchive”

Exhibition: sound/video installation Palm hand




Sept 5-23 – Artistic Residency and research immersion at the Post-graduate of Artistic Research of Antioquia University/ Colombia.

Sept  5-7 XII Seminario Nacional Teoría e Historia del Arte: Las acciones políticas del arte Conferencist  – Medellín, Colombia. National Seminar of Theory and Art history: Political actions in Art. Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin/ Colombia. Conferencist: Composition, Interdisciplinary Arts and International Activism. Curated the exhibition “International Political Activism in Arts” as a video/documentary installation. Exhibited the installation “Palm Hand”

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 13.43.24.png


Sept  13, 15 – Seminar of performance and artistic research for the Master Program in Latin American Music, Antioquia University (Colombia). Professor.

Sept 11 and 18 – Masterclass on contemporary voice – Undergraduate students of singing – Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin/ Colombia. Professor.

Sept 20 – Facilitated the workshop “DNArchive” at the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin/ Colombia. Professor.

Sept  9, 17 –  New tool for music education – latin methodologies – Trainings on “O Passo” method for music teacher of the “Red de escuelas de música” de Medellín, Colombia. Professor.

Nov 9-11th – Loop Conference 2018 – Los Angeles, California, US. Participant.





7 – Conference: Art, Innovation and Society. Curator and conferencist. IED RJ – Instituto Europeo dos Design, Rio de Janeiro.



8 – 2o. Painel Fest-Fic De Educação Musical do Rio de Janeiro – mesa redonda: Inovações e inclusões no ensino superior de Música. Participação: Lucas Ciavatta e Mediação: Mário Ferraro. Conferencist at the 2nd Panel Fest-Fic on Musical Education




5-7 – IX Congreso Internacional de Artes en el Caribe – Artes como Práctica Social – Diálogos de conexiones interdisciplinares con las prácticas artística contemporáneas y los processos de artes.  Conferencist for “Brasil, muestra tu cara!  Impactos sociales del arte brasileño en la contemporaneidad.” Institución Universitaria Bellas Artes y Ciencias de Bolívar, Cartagena, Colombia PRESS: http://www.revistazetta.com/?p=22661http://www.eluniversal.com.co/cultural/ticio-escobar-guardian-del-arte-ancestral-263539  Conferencist in the IX International Arts Congress at the Caribbean




September – 

17 – Final Meeting for the “Immigrant Artist Program” by New York Foundation for the Arts. Participating as a Mentor. New York/ US.

25 – Launch of O’Passo Institute – Brazilian Method of Music Education O PASSO. UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil. Event Coordinator.



27 – LASIN Consortium in Panamá City, Panamá. UNIRIO Comitee/ Coordinator/ Researcher.


28-29 – I LASIN Conference on Social Innovation. Panelist, Coordinator and Evaluator.




  • Artist Zanna’s album nominated to Latin Grammy in 3 categories: best Brazilian album, best producer, best sound engineer. Role: Vocal coaching.






  • MOVING ARTS LAB – Workshop facilitator “Awakening in Music – pitch and pulse” and Solo performance. Massachussets/ USA.





JuneSelection as a Mentor for the “Immigrant Artist Program” by new York Foundation for the Arts.  New York/ US –  


  • LASIN Commitee visiting Fundación Areandina (Bogotá) and Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín). Researches on Social Innovation. Bogotá and Medellín, Colômbia. Evaluator and researcher.




  • Piano Solo and Voice Concert at Universidade de Antioquia. Medellín, Colômbia.


  • Performed at Show/Party “Sempre cabe mais um” invited by Brazilian artist Daniel Mã. São Paulo/ SP
  • Coordinated the Seminar “Harmony and form” with composer Joao MacDowell at UNIRIO. Rio de Janeiro/BR


  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.
  • TaKeTiNa Workshop with its creator Reinhard Flatishler in São Paulo/ Brasil.




January – Festival Wayside 3×25 New York/ USA.




  • Joined IBOC International Brazilian Opera Company as a resident composer and education coordinator. New York/US.
  • Visiting APAP New York/US.
  • Joined Dalcroze Society New York.


December – “Borderless: In perspective” Exhibition. by New York Foundation for the Arts – New York, Berlim, Amsterdam. Selected Work: Music/film/performance “Reza Pro Mar”. Curation: David Terry.

– Joined Zanna Agency as an Associated. Rio de Janeiro/ New York.

November – Coordinated the “I Music and Entrepreneurship Seminar” at UNIRIO. Rio de Janeiro/BR




– Released the Podcast #8 for Palco Digital Platform.

October – Joined the company http://www.musicbusinessmentoring.com as a Mentor. USA.


  • Field Research about Ayawaska and music in Rio Branco/Acre – Fundação de Cultura do Acre. Brasil.




  • Open rehearsal with Meredith Monk – New York, NY.

File 14-10-17 00 56 50.jpeg


  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.
  • Released the Podcast #6 for Palco Digital Platform.


JulyINTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTISTS CONSORTIUM  Annual Residency At Earthdance – Massachussets/ USA. Participating artist.




June – Participating on “Sempre cabe mais um” Show. Release of the single “É vem” by Singer Daniel Mã featuring Cândida.


May – Teaching the semester at UNIRIO/ Brasil

  • Coordination of Music Workshops in Rio de Janeiro for Tito Oliveira, Marco Pereira and Nélson Faria at UNIRIO. Rio de Janeiro/Br.
  • “workshopdemusica.com” Website release.





  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.
  • Show with Dan Freeman and Matthew Garry at Shape Shifter. New York/USA.




January – Teaching the semester at Montclair State University/ USA





December – Lecturer at “Tradições Afro-Ameríndeas na Universidade” Seminar “Afro-indigenous traditions in the university” at UNIRIO. Rio de Janeiro/BR

November – Presenting Research at “VI Seminário Mídias e Educação” Seminar. Rio de Janeiro, BR





October – “Elas não são santas” show with singer Janaína Moreno at Beco das Garrafas. Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.




  • Release of Collective “Trevo por quatro” with singers/composers Janaína Moreno e Daniel Mã
  • Interview for Globo Radio with singers/composers Janaína Moreno e Daniel Mã



  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.


  • Workshop taken with “Meredith Monk Ensemble”. New York/USA.


July – “Archimed’s Bathtub” by New York Foundation for the Arts – Brooklyn, NY/USA. World Release of Music/film/performance work “Memória e Fado”.





  • Participating as a pianist for Terra Symphony Orchestra. Dimena Theater, New York/USA.




  • Interview for WQXR Radio. “Sounds of Brazil” Program, by Mr. Jassvan. New York/US.






  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.

February – Completed the Certification Wizard Avatar. Star’s Edge, Florida/ USA

January – Started Jazz studies with Mr. Barry Harris and Mr. Richard Clements. New York/USA. Till today.






December – Release of “Brisa do Mar” with DJ Patife . Bahtekum Records. São Paulo, Brasil.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 23.02.34


  • Workshop “Harmonizing and Backing Vocals” in Rio de Janeiro

November – Workshop “Harmonizing and Backing Vocals” in Salvador/ BA/Brasil

  • Exhibition “the Hound’s Lullaby” at NADA Gallery. Featuring as recorded singer. New York/USA.


  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.

JuneSelection as for the “Immigrant Artist Program” at New York Foundation for the Arts”.  New York/ USA.


  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.


December – World Release of “Sweet Romance” Album by Patter Drama. Touch of Class Records. New York.




November – Article publication “O mundo depois da Biophilia de Bjork” “The world after Bjork’s Biophilia”. Revista Vermelho. São Paulo/ SP.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 22.01.06


  • Starting the semester, teaching at UNIRIO – Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.
  • Lecture/presentation for “Compositores em foco” series. UNIRIO.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 13.32.00

September – Performance “Better be more than human in New York”. Grand Central Station. New York, NY/USA.




July – Writing for Jardim da MPB Blog.

NYC Indie Music Jardimdampb


April – SAE Institute New York. “Electronic Music Production” Course.


March – Producing and Recording the videoclip “Memória e Fado”. Rio de Janeiro/ BR



December – Release of the Single “Te devorar”. Produced by DJ Deeplick. São Paulo/ Brasil.


November – FUNARTE Prize. Won the national competition for grant from t

67123_368877953195239_1769114898_n.jpghe National Foundation of Arts in Brazil.

October – Presenting the video clipe “O mapa da minha casa” at XV Festival 5 minutos. Salvador/ Bahia/ Brasil


July – Recording the Single “Te devorar”. DJ Deeplick. São Paulo/Brasil.




June – Release of  “O mapa da minha capa” VideoClip

May – Composing and recording for “Todo dia uma canção” Project. São Paulo/BR




March – Video Shoot of “O mapa da minha casa” videoclip


July – Video Shoot of “Yema samba” videoclip

June – Release of EP Cândida. Produced by Alê Siqueira. Salvador, Bahia. BR.

Fevereiro – Beginning of Recordings of EP Cândida. Salvador and Rio de Janeiro/BR.





July – Recording the Sound track for “Capitães da Areia” Film. Produced by Alê Siqueira and Carlinhos Brown.

capitaes ficha tecnica


December – Caravana Cultural – International Tour. by Via Magia. Bahia/BR.

April – Admission as Researcher and Associate Professor at UNIRIO. Rio de Janeiro/BR

Fevereiro – Sarau du Brown. Shows with Carlinhos Brown in Salvador/Bahia.




Janeiro – Sarau du Brown. Shows with Carlinhos Brown in Salvador/Bahia.