Sound and Well-being


“In the beginning, there was sound…”

Sound can heal you. Sound can make you sick.

Music is the most universal, timeless and democratic human expression that exists. Sound is the primordial element that makes everything vibrate and exist.

Researches on the healing properties of sound speak of true miracles. Both in the process of listening and in the process of playing and singing. Deep transformations happen on the physical and emotional levels of people who listen, sing, dance and express themselves through art. Music is a deep science that has gradually been discovered by medicine as a memory enhancer, activator of endless parts of the brain responsible for social connection, relaxation, emotional organization, and more.

A non-religious approach, non mystical – purely sensory approach. Basically to be present and LISTEN.

Sound. Silence. Music. Sing. Smile. Cry. Sleep. Hear. Touch.

Establishing a guided connection with sound or music is to connect to the world in a harmonious way. If only by listening, it is to let yourself receive and vibrate through the frequencies sent to you. It is to open up, to be enchanted, to discover, to feel. If playing or singing, you can also find yourself active and creative, overcome fears, doubts, limits, expose and reinvent yourself. And being surrounded by a technique, a process and a facilitator who understands musical learning as self-development is fundamental. It is like an artistic flourish, not a dressage.

How does it work?

There are 5 different activities:

1. Listening and appreciation –  a meditative musical immersion in a listening session of sounds and music that the artist selects. With closed eyes, sitting or lying down, the participant is invited to surrender to the universe of sounds, and open the body to internal listening, in a state of presence. It is a musical ritual improvising in piano, singing, Tibetan bowls, small percussions, shamanic instruments, on a soundtrack of its composition full of sounds of nature. Radiating in all directions, these universal frequencies magnetize and awaken the physical and subtle body, which provide meditative states of health and connection.

2. Vocalize – a process of connecting with your natural voice and your body, to express yourself more consciously. We will use various tools, such as exercises for singing, speaking, vocal creation, or just speech.

3. Sing – to develop a process for preparing to sing a repertoire. Based on the Linklater (NY) technique, this work connects voice, breathing, resonance, body and movement to develop an individual repertoire. Choose songs, follow an instrument, tune up, create your songs, remember others, have fun.

4. Play the piano – dive into the musical universe and learn to play, create and improvise songs on the piano or keyboard. Discover the world of harmonies and chords, whether or not to know music notation, develop your rhythmic and aesthetic sense. This is learning music as a self development tool. By chords, by ear, by sheet music – whatever flows.

5. Creating your own personal playlist – Based on studies of “Ipod therapy”, a musical selection of meaningful songs for you to accompany your life moment. Turn on and off whatever is needed. (Check the film “Alive inside”!)

6. Songwrite and compose – writing your own lyrics is a powerful tool to shift emotions, to speak out feelings, to organise thoughts. Telling stories about your life, dreams, desires, impressions are a very theurapetical way of expressing, understanding and facing moments in life, besides having fun and healing traumas. Through music, it makes this process easier to connect and express. In a guided compositional process, you will write your own songs.

What are the benefits?

  • Produce a deep state of relaxation
  • Relieve Stress
  • Balance your nervous system
  • Improve brain function and mental clarity
  • Modify respiratory rate and depth, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Cause the release of endorphin, which can improve mood and help the sensation of pain
  • Decrease release of stress hormones
  • Increase immunity
  • Relieve or decrease depression and anxiety
  • Accelerate healing processes at all levels
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Help with insomnia, addictions, lack of focus.

For whom?

For all people who like music – to listen and maybe to sing/play. From 0 to 1000 years old. Anyone who wants to be touched by sound. For pure relaxation, for meditation, for learning to sing/play, for being more creative, or just for fun.

By whom?

Cândida Borges is a musician, pianist, singer, researcher, educator  – since her 4 years of age. There goes more than 30 years devoted entirely to arts… She lives and works in NY and develops a PhD course at Plymouth University (UK). Bachelor and Master in Piano (in Rio de Janeiro), she also holds an extensive training in body, voice, music and personal development, from different parts of the world, Cândida has developed this work of therapeutic action in parallel to her artistic career. Here she combines her training in cutting-edges techniques like Linklater, 5Rhythms, Avatar and Lucid Body.

Anna M. Maynard

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